As a response to the crisis the Churches in Kingston have initiated action to answer some of the most critical needs in our borough to support the most vulnerable people at this time.

These 5 primary projects are:

Providing baby supplies, including baby food, nappies and milk formula for the isolated and the vulnerable.

Partnering with the local authority to deliver emergency food boxes to homes impacted by social distancing measures.

Providing emergency food boxes for people who are vulnerable and isolating.

Partnering with Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness to provide suitable food for street homeless who are being found hotel accommodation.

Providing cooked meals for those who are isolated and unable to cook for themselves.

The health of people is paramount in all our engagements. We will be working from the guidelines set by UK government to maintain the safety of all people. We will, therefore, be taking a sensible and considerate approach toward who can be involved in the projects.


To speak with someone about your situation or to get involved in serving the community through one of the above projects, please follow the link to each of the projects above.

We would like to thank and acknowledge everyone who has supported all these initiatives:

*Ahmed Butchers  *Best Buy  *Big Smoke Brew chain  *Breakfast Club  *Cappadocia Restaurant  *Cavan Bakery, Molesey  *City Harvest  *Gazebo Pub  *Gwyr Gin Distillers  *John Lewis  *Karen Garner at Sensory Smart Child Ltd  *Kingston RISE  *Kingston Rotary and Round Table *Kokoro  *Morgan's Dairy  *Nandos in New Malden  *Olivia Wilding  *Organix Baby Food  *Peppe Restaurant *Pho Restaurant  *Pret  *Riverside Vegetaria  *Silent Pool Gin Distillers